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Shadowdark RPG Core


Shadowdark RPG Core

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In Shadowdark RPG, you and your group of crawlers use magic, steel, and wits to delve into mysterious ruins, lost cities, and monster-infested depths.

Wondrous treasures and long-forgotten secrets await you! But don't let your last torch burn out, or you could be swallowed by the Shadowdark...

5E players will find what they've been waiting for: an intuitive and complete TTRPG that serves as a seamless bridge into the heart of the Old School Renaissance.  

Old-school gamers will find a system that is familiar and nostalgic, but with major quality-of-life upgrades that modernize the old-school experience. 

Your legend awaits, crawler. 

Lift your blade, light your torch, and plunge into the unknown depths of the Shadowdark!


• The four core classes: fighter, priest, thief, wizard

• A d20-based, roll-high system

 No darkvision — total darkness is dangerous 

• Treasure grants XP, and tracking it is dead simple

• Roll-to-cast spells — magic is exciting and risky

• Simple distances (close, near, far)

• Monster morale and reaction rolls

• Always-on initiative — time is easy to track

• The six classic stats (3d6 in order) 

 No skills — just ability checks and advantage/disadvantage

 Separate ancestry and class

 Randomized character class abilities — emergent character growth!

• Low hit points — fast and deadly combat

• Simple encumbrance (gear slots)

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