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Sorcerer: Bloodsoaked Fjord Domain Pack


Sorcerer: Bloodsoaked Fjord Domain Pack

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  • Brand: White Wizard Games
  • Type: CCG
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Claim the Bloodsoaked Fjord as your domain and crush your enemies with the mighty trolls of the north. You will have no shortage of raw power with the trolls of the Bloodsoaked Fjord in your ranks. You’ll whip them into a berserker rage and unleash the mightiest of attacks. This pack is a complete Domain Deck for use with Sorcerer containing The Bloodsoaked Fjord Domain skill card and 10 cards for your grimoire (2 Bonegorger, 2 Fleshstalker, 2 Skullcrusher, 3 Spineripper, and Sur The Uncontested).

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