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Sorcerer: Sylvanei Lineage Pack


Sorcerer: Sylvanei Lineage Pack

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  • Brand: White Wizard Games
  • Type: CCG
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Play as The Druid and ensnare your opponents with the ancient magicks of the forest. As a descendant of the Sylvainei lineage, your minions will grow root armor while a never ending supply of Tree-Kin sprout forth to serve you. Over time, your Tree-Kin will grow into mighty Deeproot Guardians! This pack is a complete Lineage Deck for use with Sorcerer containing The Druid lineage skill card, 5 Tree-Kin / Deeproot Guardian token minions, a rules card, 8 root counters and 20 cards for your grimoire (Athanasi The Awakened, 3 Barkskin, 2 Fernglade Leshy, 2 Flourish, 2 Greater Heal, 2 Mamuna, 2 Moonwraith, 2 Murkwater Spriggan, 3 Seedborn Vitalist, and Watchful Trailblazer).

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