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Stratos - Light in the Darkness


Stratos - Light in the Darkness

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It has been a year since the five tribes of Stratos began their journey - each carving their own path to prosperity in the fabled land of legend. Plentiful resources have begun appearing along fault lines almost as if they were gifts from beings dwelling in the depths below. The people thought the gifts a blessing but they could not have been more wrong...

Stratos: Light in the Darkness plays as both a themed extension to the original 'Stratos' and as a stand-alone 2-player game. Exciting new challenges await, including Monsters which add a co-operative element to the game. When combined with the original, Stratos: Light in the Darkness can be played with up to 7 players!

Stratos: Light in the Darkness has 5 character classes, each serving a distinct function. Characters move from space to space on a tile-based board which can be arranged randomly or according to set maps. Each character can perform up to 2 unique actions per turn with movement being a repeatable action. Available character actions (dependent on class) include Harvest, Travel, Search, Attack, Shoot, Defend, Cast and Use.

Points are awarded by defeating characters, casting unique spells, discovering treasures, hoarding resources, promoting characters, occupying strategic locations and slaying Monsters! The first player to reach a pre-determined number of Prosperity points (default 10) is declared the winner.

Stratos: Light in the Darkness is a product of Board and Tale Games Inc., a Canadian boardgame publisher based in Hamilton, Ontario.

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