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The Book of Terrasque


The Book of Terrasque

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The Tarrasque is the ultimate challenge for players the world over, and it can be the ultimate challenge for a Dungeon Master to run. How do you begin to tackle something so incredible, so epic? What do you do if your players hve been prparing for it? That's where the Book of Tarrasque comes in!

  • A fully fleshed out advice section guided by real play experience
  • New 5e rules that restore elements from previous editions (like regeneration and trample attacks) and add new options to challenge any group, no matter how powerful or prepared
  • An in-depth look at the many tactics player's bring to the table, as well as an in-depth look at the utility of many magic items
  • The most complete history anywhere of the tarrasque in mythology, D&D history, other game systems, and even as an easter egg in other media
  • A robust set of handouts, maps, statistics sheets, paper miniatures, game logs, interactive resources, and large format scaled maps
  • Plot hooks and advice for incorporating the tarrasque into your game
  • A complete adventure to challenge 15th through 20th level characters and pit them against the tarrasque - as the secondary threat to the world! Written by ENnie award winning author Cris Sniezak (Misdirected Mark, Gnome Stew)

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