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The Bureau


The Bureau

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The safeguards have failed...

Red emergency lights flash as you stand in the lobby of the Bureau.

The Monolith crumbles at the hands of a catastrophic incursion.

Reality itself is at stake. 

There for different reasons, your group is now the only hope of stopping the encroachment of the Shadow.


The Bureau is a dungeon crawl for Liminal Horror. 

Journey into the bowels of the Monolith, the labyrinthine headquarters of a government organization charged with controlling the paranatural. A corrupting Shadow has made its way into the halls of the Bureau, compromising the organization and threatening the existence of life on Earth.

Players (3-5) will change as they gain fallouts and Resonant Artifacts in the hope that they become strong enough to stop what is coming. The text is presented as an operation manual put out by The Bureau, with governmental redactions and notes. It itself is a meta-in-universe artifact.


  • Modern dungeon/information design employed to make navigating the text easy for the Facilitator.
  • Multiple formats for play (starting fresh, integrating into a campaign, one-shots, and funnel formats).
  • One page rules summary for Liminal Horror system (written specifically for this module).
  • Custom Character Creation (Personally Identifiable Information Policy) designed to be used specifically with this adventure.
  • 24 custom Operational Experiences (backgrounds) including equipment and story strings.
  • Four Key Personnel with secret knowledge, drives, and goals.
  • Confirmed Contact Report (monsters/challenges for the party to face).
  • Four Main Levels (Administration, Maintenance, Research, Containment) with 66 keyed rooms. Each floor has its own optional “Boss”
  • Multiple routes to navigate the structure, meaning no play-through with be the same (we were sure to Jaquays the dungeon/Monolith)
  • A condensed depth crawl on the final level leading to The Director (main boss).
  • Appendix A: CONSEQUENCES - a means to present some of the different factions in play and a non-comprehensive list of possible outcomes.
  • Appendix B: OPERATIONAL GUIDE - Options for converting this module to be used with Agents of the O.D.D., The Company, or Mothership 1E.
  • Appendix C: AGENTS AND FALLOUT - a 4d10 table to create Bureau agents (department, apparel, distinct feature, demeanor) as well as d12 custom Fallouts for this module.
  • Appendix D: RANDOM SEARCH - 32 unique items that can be found when searching rooms/bodies.
  • Appendix E: ARTIFACTS - 32 Resonant Artifacts (objects imbued with powers from other dimensions) that are both powerful and extremely dangerous.

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