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The Chateau of Stolen Memories (DCC-Compatible)


The Chateau of Stolen Memories (DCC-Compatible)

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The Chateau of Stolen Memories, a 3rd-Level DCC-Compatible Adventure Module

Consciousness comes back slowly. You awake on a cold stone floor. Black vines coat the stone walls around you. Blood and crushed grapes obscure arcane symbols beneath you. The people around you, unrecognizable. You have no memories of this place, no memories of these people, and no memories of yourself!

The Château of Stolen Memories is a 3rd level Dungeon Crawl Classics-compatible adventure for 4-6 players that centers around a devil’s bargain, made centuries ago, dooming two families to an eternity in a hotel of the damned…a hotel that travels the cosmos offering a hellish deal to the dying, and for those who solve its riddle, salvation.

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