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The Phylactery Issue 1


The Phylactery Issue 1

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The focus of the first issue of The Phylactery is the strange and bizarre! Every Game Master loves to introduce a memorable opponent, watch as players fall afoul of a cursed evil object, discover a nefarious tome of magic, heed the call of forbidden demon-gods and send the players off to dangerous locations haunted by weird monsters, so this booklet has you covered! 

This booklet is jam packed with page after page of heroic fantasy adventure influenced heavily by early third party RPG badassery like Dave Hargrave’s infamous  Arduin Grimoire series and the early Dragontree Press stuff. The Phylactery is meant to be a quick and easy resource that you can pull ideas and plot hooks from for use directly at your gaming table. There’s no fluff in here and nothing padding out the page count - just pure old school goodness created exclusively for the fantasy gaming community. 

Here's what you WON'T find inside of The Phylactery - endless charts describing monsters and concepts you've seen a hundred times or a bunch rules that you already have duplicated over a half dozen better-known books. Everything we've put in here is fully intended to generate ideas, spark your imagination, launch new adventures and fill in the little details that make gaming around the table with your friends so memorable in the first place. 

Written by Levi Combs. 

Color cover by Planet X favorite Ed Bickford.

Interior art and contributions by Ed Brickford, Karl Stjernberg, Adrian Landeros, Je Shields, and Lawrence Hernandez.

Layout and design by Tracey Steele.

47 pages, saddle-stitched zine, 5.5 x 8.5, color cover, black & white interior

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