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The Wreck of the Murderous


The Wreck of the Murderous

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The viking cat crew of the longship Murderous has wrecked upon the shores of a black sanded beach. Before them lies a ruined city ruled by animal gangs, a defiled necropolis, and a ziggurat shrouded in mist. Only their close companion DEATH knows what they will face after… The Wreck of the Murderous!

An adventure written for the fast-paced, high-energy, dark animal fantasy role playing game 9 Lives to Valhalla, The Wreck of the Murderous explores the post-human Age of Beasts as a standalone tale or the start of a multi-session campaign of ruin. This adventure includes a setting filled with all the locations, NPCs, and villainous adversaries players need to catapult their felines into glorious exploits.


  • a story to guide your ferocious warriors 
  • 5 ruinous locations to explore 
  • potential allies 
  • murderous foes 
  • a full color hex map to guide your warrior band 
  • tips to jumpstart powerful combat 
  • an epilogue for singing through the ages

For rules of play, refer to 9 Lives to Valhalla or adapt the descriptions in The Wreck of the Murderous to accommodate your favorite ruleset.

For 2-6 players including GM

Requires 9 Lives to Valhalla to play.

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