Vampire The Masquerade: Cults of The Blood Gods


Vampire The Masquerade: Cults of The Blood Gods

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  • Type: RPG
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    Cults of the Blood Gods includes:

    • An in-character breakdown of the rise of esoteric beliefs among theranks of the undead and how faith drives many of the major aspects of vampire culture.
    • A host of religions — from historic theocracies and globe-spanning conspiracies to fringe cults and mortal beliefs arising in the modernnights — introduced for incorporation into your character backgrounds or as supporting casts and antagonist groups in your chronicles.
    • The history, structure, and ambitions of the Hecata, the vampire group known as the Clan of Death, as well as a chapter dedicated to playing a vampire among the Necromancers, and the rituals for their signature Discipline: Oblivion.
    • Guidance on how to use ecclesiastical horror and construct cults in Vampire, making them a vivid backdrop for your own stories, including new coterie styles focused on cult play.
    • Faith-based story hooks and a full chronicle centered on the activities of the Hecata, involving walking corpses, ghosts, ready-made characters, and the secrets of the most twisted family in the World of Darkness.
    • New Loresheets, Backgrounds, and Predator types for inclusion in your chronicles, encouraging player characters to engage fully with the material presented in this book.

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