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Voidheart Symphony


Voidheart Symphony

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  • Brand: Rowan Rook and Decard
  • Type: rpg
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There’s a wound in the world, a rot eating at hope and community and empathy. You’ve seen it in dark alleyways and gleaming boardrooms, gifting terrible power to those who will use it to hurt others.

You’ve had enough. You’re going to dive through that wound into the nightmare castle on the other side.
You’re going to find the avatar of the one bringing you misery, and strike them down.

But what’s next, once you’ve stolen their power and ruined their ambitions? Will you return to your daily grind?
Cherish those who are close to you? Or revel in the power you have taken from the void?

Because within that wound, the castle waits, and it is hungry.

Voidheart Symphony is a roleplaying game about mundane people diving into a demon-filled labyrinth to save the ones they love. Inspired by the Persona games, and based on Apocalypse World and Rhapsody of Blood, it’ll fill your story with dramatic choices and dynamic action.

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