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Warhammer Horror - Silver Nails (Novel)


Warhammer Horror - Silver Nails (Novel)

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A Warhammer Horror anthology

Not all heroes in the Empire are what you'd call good… discover the murky world of such notable figures as Harald Kleindeist, Detlef Sierck and the vampire Genevieve in an anthology of creepy short stories.

Explore the world-that-was through the twisted imagination of a master of horror, as he takes established fantasy tropes and turns them into terrors.

In the dark and dangerous Warhammer world, the desperate and the depraved live hand in glove. In this anthology of stories reacquaint yourself with some of its more morally ambiguous denizens, including ‘Filthy’ Harald Kleindeinst and the scryer Rosanna Ophuls, Baron Johann von Mecklenberg, playwright and self-confessed genius Detlef Sierck and of course, the vampire Genevieve.

Written by Kim Newman.

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