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Warhammer The Old World - Lords of the Lance [Special Edition]


Warhammer The Old World - Lords of the Lance [Special Edition]

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A Warhammer: The Old World Novel

The son of Baron Lothar Aquilena is taken captive in the Land of the Dead. Despite the bitter divide between Duke Carrard of Quenelles and the Baron, they form an uneasy alliance, mounting a treacherous expedition into the cursed realm.


It’s a tale of chivalry coming before personal rivalries as noble knights attempt to rescue a nobleman's kidnapped son from the clutches of the undead.


When the son of Baron Lothar Aquilena of the Border Princes is taken captive, he calls in a debt of honour owed to him by Duke Carrard of Quenelles – once his brother-in-arms and now his bitter rival.

This uneasy alliance of warrior knights mounts a dangerous expedition into the lifeless desolation beyond the badlands to a forgotten realm cursed to know neither water nor shade. The baron's son is held captive in the Land of the Dead, and the kings and queens of old do not rest easy in their tombs.


This Special Edition is limited to 1,500 signed and numbered copies. It features a beautiful screen-printed cover, signing page and two-page colour map as well as an introduction by the author, an appendix titled The Journal of Ebrardus Evotarum, and a blue ribbon bookmark.

Written by Graham McNeill.

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