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Weird Frontiers: Nest of Snakes


Weird Frontiers: Nest of Snakes

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A Level 3 Adventure By Michael Curtis For The Weird Frontiers RPG

Nest of Snakes is an adventure for the Weird Frontiers role-playing game and is designed to be played with a group of four to six 3rd-level characters.

The adventure concerns a debased family of French aristocracy dwelling in a dilapidated plantation manor in the swamps of Louisiana. The family’s depraved occult practices and their long isolation have transformed them into a clan of rougarou—a creature that shares traits with both werewolves and vampires. The family estate harbors both terrors and treasures for the party brave and dedicated enough to survive this metaphorical serpents’ nest.

Publisher: Stiff Whiskers Press

Written by: Michael Curtis
Art by: Angga Augustiya, Zohn Dyer, Marcin S., Christopher Torres, Shyloh Wideman, and Karim
Additional Contributors: Gilbert Isla

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