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Weird Frontiers: Never Swallow the Worm!


Weird Frontiers: Never Swallow the Worm!

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A Level 1 Adventure For The Weird Frontiers RPG

The posse begins the adventure riding hard on a dusty trail with the aim of putting down a gang of roughnecks dead set on conjuring up some elder-deviltry. But best-laid plans often go off the rails, and the real deviltry is taking a ride towards the town of Adobes, with a thirst for hooch, and a curse that just might spell the beginning of the end.

Never Swallow the Worm is a 1st level adventure for 4-6 characters.

Publisher: Stiff Whiskers Press

Written by: David Baity
Art by: Zohn Dyer, Davin Kluttz, Angga Augustiya, Danny Prescott, Marcin S, Matt Sutton, and Christopher Torres
Additional Contributors: Gilbert Isla and Brandon Goeringer

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