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Weird Frontiers: Not So Fast Billy Ray!


Weird Frontiers: Not So Fast Billy Ray!

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A Level 2 Adventure By Brendan LaSalle For The Weird Frontiers RPG

Of course, everybody knows ol’ Billy Ray, but now he’s missing, and arcane researchers are being drawn to the sleepy town of Ogallala, Nebraska, by a powerful magical disruption. Perhaps you’re a friend of the simple man, maybe he owes you money, or just maybe you’re a magical sensitive being lured to the town by dreams of power. No matter the reason, Ogallala calls and you aim to answer.

Not So Fast, Billy Ray is a module designed for 4-7 level 2 adventurers in the world of Weird Frontiers.

Publisher: Stiff Whiskers Press

Written by: Brendan LaSalle
Art by: Christopher Torres, Marcin S., Simon Todd, Matt Sutton, and Steve Kane
Additional Contributors: Gilbert Isla

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