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Weird Frontiers: The Malevolent Seven


Weird Frontiers: The Malevolent Seven

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A Level 3 Adventure By Bob Brinkman For The Weird Frontiers RPG

Seeking resolution to a nightmare that foretells their deaths, the PCs must race against time to gain as many tools as they can to reduce the power of the “Malevolent Seven.” Questioning the locals, confronting ancient mysteries, and even beseeching near-forgotten gods, the trailhands must prepare for one HELL of a showdown.

The Malevolent Seven is a Weird Frontiers adventure designed for a group of 4-6, 3rd-level trailhands. It is intended for an established group of adventurers.

Publisher: Stiff Whiskers Press

Written by: Bob Brinkman
Art by: Zohn Dyer, Del Teigeler, Marcin S., Christopher Torres, and Hamad Alnajjar
Additional Contributors: Gilbert Isla

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