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Zombicide: Box of Zombies #1 Walk of the Dead


Zombicide: Box of Zombies #1 Walk of the Dead

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  • Brand: Guillotine Games
  • Type: Board Game
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Zombie reinforcements! This box contains additional zombies for the Zombicide board game: Fatties, Runners, and Walkers to invade your boards and overwhelm survivors. Or you could think of them as more experience just waiting to be claimed. The city is not big enough for two species!

This box also includes the infamous Walk Of The Dead Zombie cards. You can play these cards as a deck to pit your survivor team against a slow but deadly Walker tide, or merge them into your regular zombie pile to increase the number of Walkers on the board. Either way, an inexorable zombie horde is coming. Will you accept the challenge to achieve even greater victories?

Box contents

  • 15 Walkers
  • 6 Runners
  • 3 Fatties
  • 12 “Walk Of The Dead” Zombies cards

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