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Bolt Action Soviet Army Starter Set


Bolt Action Soviet Army Starter Set

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This Warlord Games Bolt Action Soviet 1000pts Army box set contains one (1) Soviet T35/85 medium tank, one (1) Soviet 81mm Mortar Team, one (1) Soviet Offices, one (1) Soviet Medic, eight (8) Infantry Sprues and five (5) Weapon sprues. All models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


The Bolt Action Russian Starter Army is perfect for anyone beginning to collect a Russian force. This set includes a full 1,000pt Bolt Action army built around a solid core of Infantry backed-up by support weapons teams, and some heavy support - this set provides you with a versatile fighting force with which to take on your enemies in Bolt Action. 

The Russian forces on the Eastern Front fought countless bitter battles against the invading German forces. With huge infantry hordes and the might of the T34, the Hammer and Anvil of the Soviet forces fought the Germans back, turning the tide of battle.

Bolt Action Points Values

Description Value
First Lieutenant & one extra rifleman 85
Medic & one extra rifleman (regular) 85
Infantry Squad (11) 3 SMG, LMG 139
Infantry Squad (11) 3 SMG, LMG 139
Infantry Squad (11) 3 SMG, LMG 139
Infantry Squad (11) 3 SMG, LMG 139
Inexperienced Infantry Squad (11) NCO SMG, LMG 0
81mm Medium Mortar Team 50
Anti-tank Rifle Team 30
T34/85 Medium Tank (regular) 235

Total 999

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