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Enchiridion of the Computarchs


Enchiridion of the Computarchs

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The cabalistic and powerful Computarchs built the WorldNet, governed its growth, established its laws and conventions, and seemingly retired from their world altering creation. They left their tools and programs scattered throughout the vast network. Some have been found by seekers such as yourself and have been passed down from generation to generation. Collectively these pieces of software are known as Enchiridion of the Computarchs.

Enchiridion of the Computarchs gives you a boost developing and using casting mechanics and concepts in high-tech settings. This book encompasses a range of material concerning computers and programs for “techno-casters” (e,g., MCC shaman class, or those classes found in Cyber Sprawl Classics, Crawljammer, Umerica, Terror of the Stratosfiend, Star Crawl, and more). You will not only find a collection of spells (aka. programs) in this book but also a new d24 spellburn table, new mechanics for spell failure, and a brief corruption table all couched in a high-technobabble style for your 
post-apocalyptic, far-future, and dystopian-future DCC RPG compatible campaigns.

Enchiridion of the Computarchs is a casting supplement for Mutant Crawl Classics and Dungeon Crawl Classics RPGs. However, programs can easily be broken down into smaller single use effects that allow for expanded computer based play in systems like Cyberpunk, Gamma World, and more. Three appendices assist with creating random system errors, techno-acronyms, and Intrusion Countermeasure Entities or ICE (cybermonsters).

Return to the glory days of science fiction gaming with the Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. Adventure like it’s 1978 again, with modern rules grounded in the origins of post-apocalyptic role playing. Fast play, a mysterious future, and 100% compatibility with the DCC RPG system await you — just activate your artifact…


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