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Noir World

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Noir World is a film noir roleplaying game Powered By the Apocalypse (PBTA). It’s a game of emotion, tragedy, and relationships.

Noir World is a world of blacks, whites, and grays; of shadows and light pouring in through venetian blinds; of twists and turns and betrayals and tangled relationships; of crime, danger, drama, cigarette smoke, lonely nights, people you might not trust, people who you think love you, and all the stuff of old movies.

You’re about to enter this world. Who you’ll be in it is up to you, and it can be anyone from a private eye to a dame in trouble to a cop trying to make the city a better place to someone just trying to line their pockets before the consequences catch up to them. Noir World is stocked with the character types you’d expect from film noir, crime fiction, and old movies, and you’ll be able to find just the right blend of tragedy, excitement, and interest for you in the stories of seduction, loss, suffering, and bittersweet victory. Get some dirt under your fingernails. Things are about to get messy.

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