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Numenera - Vertices


Numenera - Vertices

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Eight dangerous adventure sites that connect to the datasphere

Inside a maze of steel and crystal pillars lurk demons and bladehounds from this world and beyond. Those who venture within to face these terrors—and survive—are blessed with strange protective enhancements.

Seven huge boulders float, nearly imperceptible, a mile above the earth. Legend says ancient gods put them there, to guard against enemies among the stars. Are the cruel, stone-armored creatures that fall randomly from the sky among those enemies?

A massive ribcage rises from the ground near a giant weathered skull. Creatures in the area—from simple insects to terrifying abhumans—grow to monstrous proportions. Courageous adventurers who enter these ancient bones might find the cause of this rampant growth and perhaps discover many other secrets!

Vertices contains:

  • Eight prior-world ruins described in detail including rumors, encounters, and treasures—and all the mind-bending flavor you expect from the Ninth World.
  • New cyphers, artifacts, and creatures—including Aorut, Etranv, and the mercurial Isijaan, three godlike voices of the datasphere whose dynamic influence on these vertices ensure that no two visits are ever the same!
  • Two dozen NPCs—rival explorers, allies, agents of the voices, or just interesting people to meet along the way—related to the sites and the settlements around them.
  • A detailed random settlement generator to use on the fly or during prep to quickly rough out a camp, fort, or village where PCs might rest, resupply, or pick up rumors about nearby sites.

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