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Ten Years of Adventure Monte Cook Game 10th Anniversary


Ten Years of Adventure Monte Cook Game 10th Anniversary

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Ten Years of Adventure includes fan- and GM-favorite adventures chosen from a decade of official MCG Gen Con events, along with new adventures created especially for 10th-Anniversary games at Gen Con 2022. Some of these adventures have been previously released in PDF, but none have been available in print before now. A limited-edition collectible hardcover, Ten Years of Adventure also includes art plates and download links for pre-generated characters, handouts and maps, and other adventure resources.

Ten Years of Adventure includes the following adventures:

“Forgetting Doomsday” (2018) by Shanna Germain
“The Hideous Game” (2015) by Monte Cook
“Shards of the Looking Glass” (new) by Charles M. Ryan
“Skein of the Backbone Bride” (2016) by Shanna Germain

“Assault on Singularity Base” multi-party adventure (2016) by Sean K. Reynolds
“Castaway” (2019) by Charles M. Ryan
“Infinity Shift” (2018) by Dennis Detwiller
“The Takings” (new) by Charles M. Ryan
“Tyrant’s Key” (new) by Bruce R. Cordell (also presented for 5E)

“The Eschatology Code” (2014) by Bruce R. Cordell

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